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CAS#FormulaColorMolar Mass
64-19-7CH3CO2HClear60.05 g/mol
Synonyms: Vinegar, Hydrogen acetate, Ethanoic Acid, Ethylic Acid, Acetasol, Vasotate, Acid Jelly


Product Description:
Acetic Acid is an organic chemical compound and the most important of the carboxylic acids. Typically found in a colorless liquid or in crystal form. Acetic Acid is most commonly referenced as vinegar. 


Food Additives
Inks & Dyes
Fibers & Fabrics
Chemical Reagent
Cleaning Agent


Connection Chemical LP is a professional importer of Acetic Acid. Connection Chemical has the capability to stock and sell Acetic Acid from stocking locations nationwide. Connection Chemical is a supplier and distributor of Acetic Acid. As a supplier of Acetic Acid, Connection Chemical provides supply chain solutions to partners and customers in numerous industries. We work with competitive prices and reliable manufacturers of Acetic Acid.

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