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CAS #FormulaColorMolar Mass
1310-73-2NaOHWhite39.997 g/mol
Synonyms: Caustic Soda, Lye, Caustic Liquid, Ascarite, Atznatron


Product Description:

Sodium Hydroxide is a highly caustic inorganic compound. Typically found in flakes, pearls and granules that are soluble in ethanol , methanol and water. Also known as caustic soda used as a strong chemical base in the production of paper and pulp and detergents and cleaners.


Pharmaceuticals & Medicine
Detergents & Cleaners
Paper & Pulp
Fuel Cell Production
Water Treatment
Aluminum Ore Processing
Food Processing


Connection Chemical LP is a professional importer of Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda. Connection Chemical has the capability to stock and sell Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda from stocking locations nationwide. Connection Chemical is a supplier and distributor of Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda. As a supplier of Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda, Connection Chemical provides supply chain solutions to partners and customers in numerous industries. We work with competitive prices and reliable manufacturers of Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda.

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